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Facts at a Glance About Walt Disney World Railroad:

Park: Magic Kingdom. Location: Main Street USA Height Requirement: None Fastpass: No
Quick Notes: Train ride around the Magic Kingdom. The station houses some of the games and machines from the old Penny Arcade, which still work.   
Disney Warnings: None
Our Additional Cautions: Includes possible contact with fuel fumes/steam and slight bumping and swaying motion of train as it goes over tracks. Main Street and Frontierland Stations have stairs with no elevator (ramp for wheelchair access leads to first car, which is wheelchair accessible).
Length: The ride lasts 21 minutes for the complete circle.
Special Needs & other info: Trains arrive approximately every 8 minutes. Manual wheelchairs can ride, but ECVs cannot go on this attraction. You must transfer into a manual wheelchair, or transfer onto a train seat. Strollers must be folded up and carried on. This means that Disney’s rental strollers can not be carried on since they don’t fold. ECVs must stay at the station so you’ll have to return to get it. Handheld Captioning. Children under age 7 years must be accompanied by a person age 14 years or older

Overview of 
Walt Disney World Railroad

Ride a real steam train around the Magic Kingdom. There are currently three boarding locations – on Main Street, in Frontierland, and in the Storybook Circus area of Fantasyland. You can go full circle and end where you started, or you can get off at the other stops.

Queue & boarding for Walt Disney World Railroad

Here are the specifics of each boarding location:

  • Main Street: The boarding locations are elevated, with stairs to get up to the station. There’s a very steep switchback wheelchair ramp next to the Main Street station on the City Hall side of Main Street. It’s used to go up to the station and it’s also used for those coming down. It’s on the far right side when you face the station. The ramp is fairly narrow and long; it needs to go all the way up to the train station balcony. At the top there’s a flat waiting area. There is a parking area for ECVs to remain while guests are using the train. There’s a gated area where guests with other mobility devices will wait until the train arrives and they’re directed aboard.
  • Frontierland: This boarding location is elevated, with stairs to get up to the station. The station is not as high off ground level as the Main Street Station, so the stairs and switchback ramp are not as steep as they are at Main Street. However the ramp is still fairly steep. It’s used to go up to the station and it’s also used for those coming down. Guests may sometimes need to pause so others can pass. There’s a small area where ECVs can be left and guests with other mobility devices will wait to be boarded.
  • Fantasyland, Storybook Circus area: Located at ground level, this is the easiest station to use. It has a gentle ramp to get to the boarding and unload areas. There are several areas with flights of 2-3 steps. These can be avoided by using the well marked wheelchair ramps. There’s an area where ECVs can be parked and guests with wheelchairs/mobility needs can wait to be boarded. The area is roofed and has a few benches.

At all stations, the waiting area for wheelchair riders is near the front of the train, where the wheelchair accessible cars are located. A cast member will direct you. Please note that the trains don’t accommodate ECVs.

The car right behind the coal car is an accessible car with a fold down ramp. It has space for at least 2 manual or power wheelchairs and a bench with at least one companion for each wheelchair. Additional guests can sit in the railroad car just behind. Cast Members assist in loading and directing guests.
Guests using wheelchairs can get on or off at any station. Guests using ECVs need to transfer to a bench seat or a wheelchair. The ECV is left at the station where they got on and a round trip is needed to retrieve it.
Special needs strollers can handled like wheelchairs or folded and handled like regular strollers.

Unless you’re riding on your wheelchair, you must step up quite high to get onto the train approximately 12 inches. The seats are wooden benches with backs. The train is covered on the top with open sides, which allow rain to come in during heavier showers or when there’s wind. The left side of the vehicle has a side wall with large open windows, and the right side is open with an armrest. If you wish to lean on a side wall, move all the way to the left inside of the car.

Additional details about Walt Disney World Railroad

Depending on weather patterns, steam from the locomotive and/or fumes can reach the platform and the first car. In between the two stations you’ll pass through a couple of tunnels. They’re dark, but they’re very short.

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