Enchanted Tales with Belle – Disney World – Magic Kingdom

Header photo by Fi Brown

Facts at a Glance About Enchanted Tales with Belle:

Park: Magic Kingdom. Location: Fantasyland Height Requirement: Any Height Fastpass: Yes
Quick Notes: Walkthrough attraction based on the Beauty and the Beast story that takes guests to a live storytelling interactive show.
Disney Warnings: None.
Our Additional Cautions: At one point guests enter a small room which feels crowded and the exits close. This is brief, and guests are then taken into larger areas. Volunteers are chosen and sometimes drafted to participate as actors in the storytelling. Brief period of dim lights, and a lightning and thunder effect.          
Length:  The show lasts approximately 20 minutes, but this can vary.
Special Needs Info: Those in ECVs must transfer to a wheelchair. You can stay in your wheelchair during the show. Handheld Captioning, Assistive Listening.

Overview of 
Enchanted Tales with Belle

NOT your run of the mill Meet & Greet, this walkthrough attraction takes guests through Belle’s home and magically transports them to Beast’s castle. Once there, live performers including Belle, Audio-Animatronics Lumiere and Madame Wardrobe, and volunteers from the audience to tell the story of Beauty and the Beast. The attention to detail in this attraction is Disney at its best, and the special effects are worth the wait for those who enjoy them. The Audio-Animatronics are incredibly alive and natural, and the mirror transformation described below is jaw-dropping fantastic.

Queue information for Enchanted Tales with Belle

The majority of the queue is outdoors and uncovered. It’s designed to look like you’re on the sidewalk in Belle and her dad Maurice’s front yard. There are so many interesting personal touches around the yard that you may believe that they really live here. As you get close to the house, there’s an overhang that provides some cover. The queue continues indoors, where you’ll enter Belle’s living room. Throughout the queue there’s no seating, but in the storytelling room there are benches with no backs.

Wheelchair/ECV info: Those in ECVs must transfer to a wheelchair and use the standard queue. You can stay in your wheelchair throughout the attraction. In the room where the storytelling takes place, you can transfer to a bench if you prefer. There are several wheelchair parking spots at the ends of the benches in the storytelling room. A cast member will tell you where to park. The ends of the benches near the handicapped spots are marked with wheelchair symbols. These seats are for the companions of those in the wheelchair spots.

More details about Enchanted Tales with Belle

There’s pure Disney magic here. Here’s the process. First guests enter Belle and Maurice’s living area, which is really part of the queue. It’s homey, and full of details and personal objects such as a desk with blueprints of Maurice’s inventions, Belle’s books and dishes. Next guests are led into another room designed to look like Maurice’s workshop. The guests are sardine stuffed into this room, and the door closes, so those with claustrophobia may feel uncomfortable. You’re in here only briefly, and everything after is more spacious.

In Maurice’s workshop, guests all face the mirror and wheelchair users should try to stay in the front or your view will be blocked. Guests are asked to say “Take me to the night Belle and Beast fell in love”. Suddenly the lights dim, and then a plain mirror somehow magically transforms into a full door that guests will walk through to get to Beast’s castle. The effect is dazzling. During the transformation process there are electrical effects, and a small amount of thunder and lightning.

After walking through the mirror, guests are led into a hallway which is well lit and open. The audio-animatronics Madame Wardrobe and cast members interact with the guests.

belle talking furniture

Madame Wardrobe – Talking audio-animatronics furniture (photo by Emily Kreutner)

Volunteers are chosen, and each one is given a flat character mask to hold. Cast members may draft people, but you can always refuse. Adults and kids participate in the show. Those with handicaps and special needs can also be chosen to participate in the show.

Volunteers for the Enchanted Tales with Belle Show

Volunteers for the Enchanted Tales with Belle Show waiting to go inside (photo by Patty Phillip)

You’re now brought into the castle’s library where Audio-Animatronics Lumiere, cast members including Belle, and volunteers retell her story. The Cast Members and Belle coach the volunteers, telling them what to do.

Belle tells her story with volunteers helping

Belle tells her story with volunteers helping (photo by Belinda Beavan)

Tales with Belle handicapped child in the show

Belle makes it fun for everyone! (Photo by Jamie Moses Bryant)

At the end of the story, volunteers march (or walk) around the room and then each one gets to pose with Belle for a photo. The rest of the audience does not get to personally meet & greet Belle.

Posing with Belle - Disney World

Posing with Belle (photo by Stacy Rawson Sheldon)

Take a look at a video of Enchanted Tales with Belle:

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