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Hey folks,

We’ve produced this site because we really love Disney! We’ve put hundreds and hundreds of hours into our Disney World guide books, this site, our facebook group, etc. It’s cost us way more than we’ve made. In fact, wayyyyyyyy more. Still we keep at it because we enjoy it, and we want to help make other people’s dreams come true!

That said, we wanted to let you know that some of the links on this site are affiliate links, and we have some paid ads as well. While our opinions are not for sale, in some cases on products we already like, we receive compensation for links in the articles through affiliate arrangements.

Should you use an affiliate link that leads to a purchase, we’ll earn a small commission. Keep in mind that we won’t promote anything or anyone that we don’t personally believe in, and if it’s something we haven’t tried ourselves but we think it may be of interest, we’ll tell you.

At the same time, please check out the Disclaimer page and the Terms of Use page. Use any of the links, products or services on this site at your own risk.

If you can use one of the links on this site, please support us by doing so. That helps us continue to do what we’re doing here.

Thanks for your support! Have fun and enjoy.


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