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Written by Katie Penn 

header photo by Cecelia Emblidge

Facts at a Glance About Seven Dwarves Mine Train:

Park: Magic Kingdom. Location: Fantasyland Height Requirement: 38 inches (97 cm) Fastpass: Yes
Quick Notes: A ‘family’ coaster through 7 Dwarves mine with smooth twists, turns and drops.
Disney Warnings: Due to the nature of the experience, service animals are not permitted on this attraction. Children under 7 must be accompanied by a person over 14 years old. WARNING! For safety, you should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by this adventure. Expectant mothers should not ride. Features sharp turns, sudden drops and stops.
Our Additional Cautions: Sudden drops, high speed twists and turns. Mine cars swing gently to accentuate coaster movement. Dark section, small lift hill. Moves suddenly in and out of dark areas and bright/daylight during the day. Final part of the line and the loading area are dark and enclosed.
Length: Rides last about 2 minutes 50 seconds.
Special Needs & other info: Must Transfer from Wheelchair/ECV. There is an ADA car with a wider opening that is easier to transfer to. Regular seats are hard and fairly narrow. Individual lap bars.

Overview of Seven Dwarves Mine Train

Seven Dwarves Mine Train is a newer attraction referred to as a ‘family’ coaster. It is designed to appeal to a wider audience than a more thrilling coaster. The modern ride system is smoother than older coasters but is still fast and twisty as the train races through the diamond mine and surrounding “mountains”. Check out the expressions on the riders below. Though it’s not as thrilling as some coasters, it can still be scary to some.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Disney World - It can be scary!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Disney World – It can be scary! (photo by Judy Boyles)

Queue, ride car and boarding information for Seven Dwarves Mine Train

The wait times for Seven Dwarves Mine Train often exceed an hour. The majority of the line is outdoors, twisting around the Dwarves cottage. The line is surrounded by small trees, but shade is still limited so riders should expect to spend a large portion of their wait time outdoors in the sun. In the hotter months there are large fans and water misters which are aimed at guests to reduce the discomfort.

The final part of the line is covered/indoors with interactive features to occupy younger guests. These include:

  • Touch screens with icons made to look like gems floating in water which can be moved around when touched by guests.
  • Taps which have running water. When a hand is placed into the stream of water it plays a musical note.
  • Barrels of diamonds and gems which spin to create reflections on the ceiling of the mine. While the latter does not produce a strobe effect, and is only seen when guests look at the ceiling, this does produce a spinning light effect.
seven dwarfs queue gems

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train queue gems (photo by Cecilia Emblidge)

The boarding area is dark and can be very cool with air conditioning. Some of the final parts of the line may be a little dark and tight for those who do not like enclosed spaces. (This is also the part where the Fastpass line joins the stand by line to board so it can feel quite crowded).

Boarding is organized one train at a time, with a cast member arranging parties two deep to prepare for the next two trains. When told which gate to proceed to there will already be one party in front of you waiting to board. Stand behind them and then advance to the gates one behind the other once the party in front has boarded and the gates are shut.

Seating: The train carriages each sit four people with two rows of two.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride car

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride car

The seats are molded and snug,  Each rider has their own lap bar, so smaller riders are not unrestrained when sat next to a larger rider (e.g when an adult rides with a child). You can get a good sense of the seats in this photos below. Notice the individual lap bars. There’s also a bar to hold onto in front of you.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride car with lap bars

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride car with lap bars

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train seats

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train seats are on the small side (photo by John J Johnson)

Wheelchair/ECV & Mobility issues: Riders must transfer to ride. The wheelchair/ECV can be brought up to the ride car. The step into the seat is quite a long way down, and the side of the train is quite high, so quite a big step over is required. The hardness and shape of the seats can also make it quite challenging to slide into the seats. There is an ADA car with a wider opening that is easier to transfer to.

Additional details about Seven Dwarves Mine Train

During the ride the train will reach speeds of 55 mph, however the ride is a smooth gliding sensation, not a ‘clickety-clack’ ride that you may find on an older coaster.

As the train leaves the station and you adjust from the dark mine to the outside there is a small drop to set the ride in motion. The train winds around the mountain with ups and downs, and the mine carts may swing individually. This swinging is not felt as a separate swinging sensation, but rather accentuates the swing of a turn to one side or the other. There is a small outside lift hill followed by more slowing twists and turns.

From the outside the train then enters the diamond mine, where the darkness is punctuated with thousands of glittering “gems”. State of the art technology allows guests to see fantastic dwarf figures, preparing to end their shift in the mine. The bell is rung – this is quite loud and sudden so it may startle some guests – and the Dwarves burst into a quick rendition of heigh ho!

Warning – at this point the train slows to allow guests to watch the dwarves at work. On occasion some guests try to rock the cars from side to side to test the mechanism while the train is moving at a slower speed.

This mine scene leads to the main lift hill of the ride, which also takes the train back outside for more twisty turns. As the train rounds the final bend it slows and stops alongside the Dwarves cottage. If there are several trains running at the time you ride you will be able to watch the dwarves and Snow White dancing inside the cottage.

Tip – look to the sides of the tunnel on the inside lift hill to spot the dwarves shadows climbing the hill beside you.

Guests disembark the train in the same place as they load, but to the rear of the loading area. Once the train is empty, it moves forward into the loading area for the next load.

Check out Seven Dwarves Mine Train on video:

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