Planning for Walt Disney World With Extra Challenges

Below you’ll find articles to help you manage at Disney with all kinds of small to large extra challenges, special needs and disabilities – emotional, physical and even spiritual.

In general, we’ve found Disney to be extraordinary when it comes to supporting those with challenges. Our goal is to help you know how to prepare and travel as easily, comfortably and safely as you can while having a great time. But… before you read these articles, please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page. 

Visit here if you want to see the Disney Parks rides and attractions with descriptions that include information for those with health and emotional issues.

Articles for handling extra challenges while at Disney World (in alphabetical order)




Amputees & Prosthetic Users


Back Pain

Celiac and Gluten Intolerance at Disney World 

Cold, virus & flu avoidance at Disney World 


DAS – Disney’s Disability Access System (formerly GAC)

Diabetes & Blood Sugar at Disney World


Dizziness & Vertigo

Emergencies (Medical)


Fear, Anxiety and Phobias


First Aid Stations

Foreign Language

Handicapped Rooms – Reserving at Disney World

Hearing Impairment

Heat Sensitivity

Immune System Issues

Infants and Toddlers at Disney World

Kidney Dialysis


Lost or Separated While at Disney World

Medication & Medical Supplies

Memory Impairment

Mobility Problems

Neck Pain

ODD – Opposition Defiant Disorder (and ADHD, ADD)

Oxygen, Nebulizer, CPAP, BiPAP, etc.

Pain (general)

Plus Size, Big and Tall


Prosthetic Users & Amputees

Smoking at Disney World

Special Dietary Needs

Sun & Heat Sensitivity

Transportation at Disney World with Mobility Challenges 

Transportation to Medical Appointments (including accessible travel)

Visual Impairment

Wheelchair and ECV devices

Zika Virus

We’re currently in the process of putting all of the info from my book manuscript onto this site, so check back frequently for more articles.


Now before we begin, please hang in there with me while I make a few disclaimers. Please note that the information, tips and suggestions in this section and throughout the website are not medical recommendations. I’m not a physician, and even where we’ve included information from medical professionals, this information may not be complete, and may not be appropriate for your condition. Although we’ve worked hard to be accurate, we don’t guarantee the accuracy of any of the information. Your condition and your trip should be discussed thoroughly with your Physician before visiting Disney. If any medical issue arises during your trip, you should consult a physician. Also please consult Walt Disney World for up to date facts and recommendations. We’ve included numerous interviews with medical professionals. We greatly appreciate and respect their input, but we’re unable to endorse any medical professional or organization named on this website. We’re also including hospitals, clinics, health organizations, businesses and websites on this website and in this section. Again, we’re not endorsing any of them. We’re including all information for your research purposes only.

Also please note that Disney is in a constant state of change. If there’s something important you need to know in order to stay safe and healthy, please contact Disney in advance of your visit to request information and support, and double check that information once you’re there. Now let’s move forward!

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