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Current opportunities – We are just beginning to open the site for sponsors.

We have several customized packages available to help you reach your customers. We’ll go over some of the opportunities below. Please feel free to contact us for advertising information and pricing.

Email Stephen Asley at Or message Stephen Ashley on facebook here:

We reach people who have the means and plans to travel to Disney.

We offer you promotional opportunities using a variety of customized ways to reach your target market:

  1. Ads on this site (See options below)
  2. Articles on related subjects with your company mentioned and linked to. Articles are released to over 700,000 people within Facebook and Linkedin groups.
  3. Articles featuring you, your company and your products & services on this site.
  4. Advertisement posts in our Facebook group of over 27,000 people who are currently planning or have planned a Disney World trip.

Current Opportunities

Website Sponsor for top banner ad – To be shown on every page of the website. 468 x 123 banner ad on top right of the site.




We can also place ads on the right hand column either on certain pages or throughout the entire website. Here are the ad sizes to choose from (cost will depend on location(s)):
























Article Sponsor Opportunities:

We have several very unique articles and article series that reach hard to find customers. Some of the opportunities are for a single article, and some are for a full series of articles. We’ll customize a plan for you that can include block ads, links within the body of the article(s) you’re sponsoring, promotional posting in our facebook group, a custom article about your company and services or products, etc.

Wheelchair, ECVs & Mobility Issues at Disney World – The sponsors of these pages will have ads on 16+ pages (we’re adding more articles over time) all related to the use of wheelchairs and ECVs. We will accept one scooter manufacturer, and one local Orlando area ECV and wheelchair rental business.

Special Dietary Needs at Disney – Full series of articles The sponsors of these pages will have their ad shown on 19 articles and growing.

Strollers at Disney World – We will accept one stroller rental company.

Kidney Dialysis – We will accept one dialysis company.

Kosher – We will accept kosher restaurants and places to stay.

Transportation at Disney World – We will accept one car rental company and one taxi company for the general transportation pages and the car rental and taxi pages.

Resorts – We will accept one resort sponsor to be shown on all of the resort pages. We can also create an article page for your resort, showing it in detail. We can publish this page in our Facebook group regularly.


We promote this website extensively on Social Media by sharing articles through our own channels as well as through our partners pages and groups. We estimate that this gives us access to over 700,000 members.

We also have our own Facebook group with over 27,000 members where we can make promotional posts.

Our website is currently averaging approximately 4000-7000 unique viewers per month. offers advertisers the ability to reach a unique, targeted and growing audience. Our site includes:

  • Extensive material taken from our book manuscripts called Walt Disney World with Disabilities and Walt Disney World Made Easy for Everyone. We have chosen to place this quality material on the web, free to readers. We’re in the process of adding more every day.
  • Current Disney news.
  • Easy, step by step instructions for Disney travelers to plan their trips to Disney World.
  • Extensive information to support those with extra challenges such as wheelchair/ECV use, pregnancy, travelling with an infant, or speaking a foreign language. It also supports those with minor to major health and emotional conditions, special needs, disabilities and handicaps.

We showcase original content, which is carefully managed for quality and consistency.

We feature companies that have quality, relevant products and services. Advertisers are encouraged to offer discounts to our readers.

All rates are subject to change without notification. You can reserve your spot with a minimum reservation of three months. Advertising is limited to providing goods and/or services to visitors of Central Florida. reserves the right to refuse any advertising request.

Please feel free to contact us for advertising information. Email Stephen at Or message Stephen on facebook here:

Please email us with your contact information including your phone number, and briefly fill us in on your product or service. If you have a website please include the address.

We look forward to hearing from you, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We usually try to contact you on the same day or at most within 48 hours.

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