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The following is a list of items and services that are available within the parks. Though there’s a variety of special needs that these assists address, most of these are for people with hearing disabilities.  Folks with hearing disabilities seem to really get a lot of benefit from the devices.

Some of these are accessed at the Guest Services area and you take them with you through the park. Others are available at the attractions. They are as follows:

  • Handheld Captioning:  This is the newest device created by Disney engineers. It’s about the size of a PDA and combines handheld captioning and closed captioning. The device will also provide descriptive audio for people who are blind or have low vision. This device uses wireless technology and can take appropriate pre-programmed actions based on what attraction you are in. It is available at Guest Relations in the four main parks and is free of charge.  There is a $25 deposit, which will be refunded if you return the unit on the same day.
  • Reflective Captioning: This uses an LED display to project captions onto an acrylic panel in front of the Guest.  This is something you can request at the attraction.  Contact a cast member at the attraction if you wish to use this.
  • Video Captioning:  You’ll find this at a few attractions. These are monitors that are designated with a “CC” symbol.  They are activated by a remote control unit, which you get at Guest Relations.  You have to leave a refundable deposit of $25.  You only get your money back if the unit is returned on the same day. This technology has also been rolled into the Handheld Captioning unit, making it unnecessary to get both devices.
  • Translation Device: You can rent this at Guest Relations locations, also with a refundable deposit.
  • Assistive Listening Device: This is a device that picks up overhead signals to amplify sound. Receivers can be obtained at Guest Relations for a $100 deposit which is refundable if you return the unit the same day.
  • Sign Language:  Disney provides sign language interpreters for many of its attractions.  They often offer the service on particular pre-scheduled days, and only interpret certain shows each day. They typically only interpret a show or ride once that day.
  • Braille Guidebooks and Portable Tactile Map Booklettes: These are available at Guest Relations for all four parks. The guidebooks are printed in large text and braille, and have descriptions of attractions, restaurants and stores. The maps show tactile representations of building boundaries, walkways and landmarks for each land/area of the theme parks. These are all available for a refundable $25 daily deposit.

(This article was taken from the guide book Walt Disney World with Disabilities).


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