Smoking at Disney World, Plus Allergy Prevention Info

Here’s Disney World’s page on rules for smoking on Disney World property.

Florida and Disney World in particular are great destinations if you’re sensitive to cigarette smoke. Smokers will find a lot of regulations at Disney.

Florida law prohibits smoking in most indoor public places. This includes all enclosed restaurants and most other indoor public locations. In Florida, smoking is allowed outside, even in a restaurant seating area.  It’s also allowed in hotel bars that are not in hotel lobbies or restaurants.

And Disney World has a strict smoking policy:

Smoking areas are not present inside Walt Disney World or Disneyland theme parks, water parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex or Downtown Disney in California.

TIP: Designated smoking areas are available outside the entrances to the areas listed above, and at Disney Springs in Florida. For guests who have room or dining reservations, smoking areas are also available at Disney Resort hotels.

So this is great news for those with sensitivities to smoke, and bad news for smokers.

Disney World carefully designates outdoor areas for smoking at the resorts and parks.

The guide maps indicate all of the outdoor designated smoking areas, and these are the only areas where guests can smoke. The areas that are designated for smoking tend to have an intense smoke smell even when there’s no one smoking at the time. We find that it’s usually possible to keep our distance, but if not, we walk by as fast as humanly possible!

Almost all indoor locations at Disney are non-smoking.

Smoking is permitted at Jellyrolls (a piano club with dueling pianos and a sing-along) and the bar at ESPN Club, both located at Disney’s Boardwalk. When we’ve eaten in the restaurant at the ESPN Club, we didn’t smell any smoke in the dining area. There may be other smoking locations within Disney World as well, so be sure to ask when making your reservation if this is an issue.

Smoking is banned in all Disney-owned hotel rooms.

Even patios and balconies are non-smoking areas. Of course it’s always possible that another guest could smoke in a room anyway, but Disney reserves the right to charge a penalty since they’ll need to specially clean the room. Currently that penalty is up to $500! This usually discourages people from smoking inside their rooms. If you’re staying on Disney property but in a non-Disney run hotel, check with the hotel for their smoking policies.

There’s a smoking shop in Disney Springs West Side called Sosa Family Cigars.

They sometimes keep their doors open and you can smell smoke. It’s easy enough to keep your distance.

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