Create a Social Story Book for Preparing for Disney World – Including During the COVID Changes


Disney World is a wonderful but very strange place to visit for anyone! For those who need a little assistance with adapting to the change in environment, making your own Story Book can be a huge help. Many have used this technique over the years with great success.

Now with the unusual changes at Disney World due to COVID safety changes and the phased re-opening, creating an appropriate Story Book for your person is more important than ever.

One of the members of our Facebook group called Walt Disney World Made Easy for Everyone shared a Social Story Book that she made for her son. Mindee Moore made a wonderful book that was designed to help her son adapt to the COVID related changes at Disney World on their upcoming trip. I’ll share that book below.

For information on how to make a Social Story Book, visit They have very simple, easy to follow directions. You can grab a Do-it-Yourself Storybook Kit from Amazon. It allows you to create a hardcover picture book.

Buy a Do-it-Yourself Social Story Book Kit for Disney Prep.

Here are the pages of Mindee Moore’s book:

 Social Story Book to prep for Disney World

Book cover of Mindee’s Social Story book

Social story book page 1

Social Story Book – page 1

Social story book page 2

Social story book for Disney World – page 2

Social story book page 3

Social Story Book – page 3

Thank you to Mindee Moore for sharing her wonderful book!

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