First Aid Stations in the Disney World Parks

In each theme park there’s at least one First Aid Station. The locations are marked on the park maps that you’re given when you enter the park. Each of the four main parks is staffed with a licensed RN, and has beds for resting. The water parks do not have resting areas but there’s always an RN there, and treatment beds for emergencies.

Here are the locations of the Disney World Parks’ First Aid Stations:

Magic Kingdom First Aid Station: Between The Crystal Palace and Casey’s Corner restaurants. Take a left off Main Street, as if you’re walking towards Adventureland after entering the park.

Epcot First Aid Station: Inside the Odyssey Center, which a building between Future World and World Showcase.

Hollywood Studios First Aid Station: Between Guest Services and Sid Cahuenga’s, on Hollywood Boulevard, close to the park entrance.

Animal Kingdom First Aid Station: Behind the MyMagic+ Service Center on Discovery Island, and close to the bridge that takes you to Africa.

Typhoon Lagoon Water Park First Aid Station: Behind Leaning Palms.

Blizzard Beach Water Park First Aid Station: Between Lottawatta Lodge and Beach Haus.

Downtown Disney does not have a First Aid Station. Guest Services may be able to help you with simple things like Tylenol.

What kind of help will you find in the Disney World First Aid Stations?

In addition to the basics you would expect at any first aid station such as bandages and aspirin, they can help you with other needs. For example:

  • You’ll find a nurse there who can help you with all of your emergency or non-emergencyneeds.
  • The nurse can help you locate and make an appointment with a local Urgent Care clinic if you need this. If you do need a local Urgent Care Clinic, consider going to one that’s not right near Disney. We have found that the closer to Disney the Urgent Care Clinic is, the longer the wait time.
    First Aid Private Room with bed, IV Pole, etc.

    First Aid Private Room with bed, IV Pole, etc.

  • They can hold and refrigerate medication (it must be labeled, have the correct name of the person taking it while in the park, and be in an original bottle).
  • Private rooms. Each First Aid Station has rooms like doctors’ examination rooms with exam tables that can be made lower or higher. The exam rooms have a sink and a
    First Aid Area Treatment Room

    Private First Aid Room

    door that you can shut. These rooms are available for those who need a private room to handle  special health needs and treatments. You’ll find basic supplies, an IV pole, a table, and most of all you’ll have privacy.

  • First Aid can hold medical equipment and health supplies for you. Contact them to make sure they can hold your specific medical supplies, as what is permitted can change there. See below for contact information.
  • If you need to monitor your blood pressure, the First Aid Stations have a monitoring unit and can do this for you.
  • They have semi-private areas where you can
    First Aid Center Rest Area

    Semi Private Room in Disney Park First Aid

    take your treatments or rest. Every First Aid Station has cubicles separated by privacy curtains or partial walls. These areas have cots, a table and a chair.

  • Older guests (larger children, teens or adults) who need diaper changing can do this in the First Aid Station.
  • People with fatigue, pain or other issues can lie down on a cot and rest. Keep in mind that the cot rooms are not soundproof. Also keep in mind that there are only a few cots for potentially tens of thousands of guests. It’s fine to use them for a short period, but if you need an extended rest, it’s best to return to your resort.
  • You can get things for free like Band-aids, over-the-counter medications like Tylenol, ice for a bruise, etc.
  • They can provide you with IV poles.
  • You can use the Baby Care Center area for nursing or taking care of your child. You can warm formula there. They have microwaves for use in this area

Here’s what First Aid has done for one of our readers:

“We charge oxygen batteries in first aid since they only last 2 hours. We drop off the chargers in the morning and rotate batteries all day.” — Amanda Upton

Disney World First Aid MedsIf you have a special need, you may wish to call in advance and confirm that they can help you.

There is no direct number to First Aid for the public, but we’ve found that we can get there by starting with the main Disney park number: (407) 824-2222. When you call, you’ll get a call center. Often the operator will try to answer any of your questions, but they may not know how First Aid deals with your specific needs. Also, unfortunately we’ve found that the call centers often get things wrong. Things can change quickly at Disney and sometimes the call centers don’t have the most current information.

If this is an important need, I recommend requesting that the operator Cast Member transfer your call to a First Aid Station in one of the parks you plan to go to. You’re more likely to get an accurate answer this way. We’ve found that some operators are more willing than others. If you get someone who isn’t helpful, call again until you can get the proper transfer and/or the information you need.

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