Strollers Used as Wheelchairs at Disney World

Strollers used as wheelchairs in the Disney World Parks

As a rule, strollers can’t be taken through attraction queues or onto ride cars. Guests with children who have special needs may be able to get permission from Guest Services to have their stroller designated to be used as a wheelchair. These are the only strollers that can be taken through attraction queues. If a ride allows manual wheelchairs on a ride car, these strollers can also usually be boarded.

There are some children’s wheelchairs that resemble strollers. We recommend visiting Guest Services to have it designated as a wheelchair in order to avoid confusion.

When boarding rides, in some cases you’ll want to transfer the child to the ride seat if possible. On some ride cars a child in a stroller would be sitting quite low, and may not be able to see the sights.

There are also some accessible ride cars that require wheelchairs to be fastened down with tie-down straps, similar to the ones used to secure wheelchairs on the buses. These should not be used with regular strollers or with special needs strollers unless they were manufactured with a transport option.

The transport option means that the stroller has loops welded or securely attached to a sturdy part of the frame. Those loops are where the tie-down straps get attached.

Strollers that were not made to be tied down can be damaged just by attaching the heavy hooks on the tie-down straps. An example of a ride that has tie-down straps is Toy Story Mania.

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