Turtle Talk with Crush – Epcot – Disney World

Facts at a Glance About Turtle Talk with Crush:

Park: Epcot. Location: Future World West Height Requirement: None Fastpass: No
Quick Notes: Interactive animated show where the audience and Crush the turtle can converse.
Disney Warnings: None.
Our Additional Cautions: Darkened theater. Otherwise we did not observe any noteworthy obstacles, impediments or challenges, but please judge for yourself as everyone is different and attractions may change.
Length: The show time varies. 
Special Needs Info: You can remain in your wheelchair or ECV. Sign language interpretation is available at specific times. Check with Guest Relations for schedules, or call Walt Disney World Information at (407) 824-4321 [voice]or (407) 827-5141 [TTY]. Assistive Listening, Audio Description.

Overview of Turtle Talk with Crush

You’re led into a theater where you watch what looks like the start of a movie, but it becomes a real-time interactive conversation with Crush, the animated sea turtle from Finding Nemo. The audience is told to ask Crush questions, and he answers them. He sometimes chooses people to talk with in the audience. The animated turtle really appears to be moving his lips to match his voice, as he moves around in the water with the appropriate motions. It’s clearly spontaneous, and very entertaining. This remarkable technology is the same used at Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor (see Magic Kingdom attractions). It can be quite humorous, and we find it worth seeing. While this attraction is geared towards children, adults will really enjoy it also.

This attraction sometimes has an amazing impact on autistic kids. We’ve heard multiple reports including that of an autistic child who didn’t ordinarily speak suddenly talking to crush. In fact Disney Research has been conducting a study on the impact of this attraction on children with autism.

Queue information for Turtle Talk with Crush

The queue is inside the air conditioned pavilion building, just outside of the theater. Most of the time, there’s not an actual queue – more a group of people milling around the area who begin to form a queue as it gets closer to show time.

Wheelchair/ECV and special needs info: At times, they will direct guests in wheelchairs or ECVs to just join the queue with the other guests, but they may also be directed to a separate waiting room which is used for guests with wheelchairs, ECVs or those who have difficulty waiting in the regular line. The separate waiting room is fairly large, with very subdued coloring and little decoration. At times we’ve been the only group in the room, but at other times, there have been many other people. Guests waiting in this room will be led into the theater before other guests enter and will be directed toward seats.

Seating information

The theater room has some backless benches. The further back the row, the taller the bench, so if getting up from a low seat is difficult for you, you may want to sit further toward the back. Children are encouraged to sit up front on the floor, where they may be chosen to talk to Crush or ask Crush a question.

Wheelchair/ECV information: If you have a child in a wheelchair you may be able to request that he/she sit up front.

There are wheelchair/ECV parking spots (marked on the carpet on the floor) and at least one companion seat for each spot. Wheelchair spots are at the front and along the outside of rows almost all the way to the back. There are multiple handicapped spots on the benches (marked with a wheelchair symbol on the bench). These are for those with disabilities who are not in wheelchairs/ECVs, and for companions of those in wheelchairs. There are a limited number of wheelchair spots in the theater, so you could be asked to come back later. You could also be asked to come back later if you need the waiting room, but it’s already full.

Additional details about Turtle Talk with Crush

It’s fairly dark, and you watch the turtle on the screen in the front of the room. A cast member walks around with a microphone in the area where the children are seated so the child talking to crush can be heard. A parent of a child may be asked a “follow up” question after Crush has talked to the child, but in general, only children will be talking directly to Crush with the microphone.

View the Turtle Talk with Crush show in this video. It starts from the queue so you can see what that’s like as well as the seating process:

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