Avoiding MSG in Disney World Restaurants

The good news for any of you who need to avoid MSG is that several Disney-owned restaurant chefs have told us that the Disney-owned restaurants no longer use MSG (Monosodium glutamate) in the food. This even includes the Nine Dragons Restaurant in Epcot. This means more options for you. However, I still advise that you follow the procedures outlined here for those with special dietary needs, to be on the safe side.

Keep in mind that Disney chefs use countless products in their dishes, and manufacturers can change ingredients and processes. Disney changes products and menus all the time, and something could conceivably slip through. Also, the non-Disney owned restaurants throughout Disney World don’t have to adhere to this same policy of eliminating MSG. If you wish to avoid MSG, we advise that you always check anywhere you go.

Although Disney is making more options available to those who must avoid MSG, I advise you to always take precautions in every restaurant. At the full-service restaurants the chef or manager should be able to inform you about the use of MSG in their dishes. They can then help you pick a dish without it. Many of the restaurants will even create a dish for you from scratch. At the counter-service restaurants request the ingredients list to be sure you’re avoiding foods with MSG.

Other things to keep in mind when it comes to MSG:

Also although MSG might not be added in its pure form by the chef, it may be part of an ingredient in a food such as in a sauce, coating or even a spice mix. Also MSG may be used in foods and in restaurant dishes that you wouldn’t expect it to be in. For example it’s commonly known that MSG is often used in Chinese cooking, but did you know that MSG can be in potato chips? In fact most flavored chips contain MSG. And apparently MSG can go by other names.

To see some of the other names that MSG can go by, check out this list here:


You may wish to take a copy of this on your trip to help you avoid hidden MSG.

I’d also suggest that you read the sections of this site designed to help you manage with special dietary needs while at Disney World.

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