Coronavirus: Natural Protocols Various Doctors are Discussing as Possible Help for COVID-19


By Sarah Ashley

For decades I’ve used natural alternatives to deal with health issues, so it was natural for me to research when this Coronavirus thing came up. I’ve found some great info coming from various medical professionals, and thought I’d share this with our Disney readers.

Keep in mind that what these doctors are suggesting comes with the caveat that there have been no formal tests on COVID-19. However from what I understand, these doctors are planning to use herbs and vitamins that have worked with viruses that have similar structural features and behaviors. This is all speculation and I guess we all try it at our own risk. They are NOT calling these things a cure or even assuring that they’re going to work.

Personally we’re willing to take a chance on this, and I’ve decided to try the suggestions of Dr. Gail Clayton DCN, CNS, MS, RPh, and I’ll share her information below. We’re adding elements to our personal plan from several other doctors, and we’ll share their info also.

Here’s my disclaimer: Please remember, I’m not a doctor, and don’t take this as medical advice. Please consult your doctor for your particular needs. I’m just sharing what I discovered that some medical professionals who I respect were sharing and discussing online, as well as what I plan to do. I am NOT telling you to do what I’ve decided to do. Please be aware that none of these professionals are calling the items they discuss a cure, and neither am I. Please be sure to follow all AMA and CDC guidelines, as well as your doctor’s advice. Also, we do have a small number of affiliate links on this site, but we only share what we feel can help. You can help us by using them.

First, boosting your immune system is a priority.

From what I’m reading all over the web, the stronger your immune system, the better things may go should you have exposure to the virus. A comprehensive program to boost the immune system seems like a good idea for everyone. Naturally this would include a healthy diet, reduction of sugar and simple carbohydrates, plenty of rest, exercise and relaxation.

Also I’ve personally opted to take an immune modulator called Beta Glucan by Better Way Health. I did extensive research and decided that beta glucan was highly effective at modulating the immune system, and this brand appears to be most effective I could find.

According the the website, “Beta Glucan is the most studied, natural Immune System Supplement in the World. Beta Glucan helps naturally modulate the immune system to provide both support and balance… It has over 160,000 published studies and outperforms it’s competitors 16 to 1.” This was compelling to me.

The first medical professional has what seems to be the most comprehensive plan I’ve found.

Dr. Gail Clayton DCN, CNS, MS, RPh is a pharmacist, has an MS in Nutrition and a DCN in Clinical Nutrition. She is an adjunct professor of biochemistry at the University of Bridgeport. Dr. Clayton researched this strain of the Coronavirus and created a list of items she’d take if she got the virus, and before-hand as a preventative.

Dr. Clayton has shared a variety of natural items that she felt could either kill the virus or keep the virus from replicating while protecting the body. Of course, these things have not been studied for use with COVID-19.

Dr. Clayton has created a comprehensive list of supplements that she speculates could be of help. Contact her for details. You can also join her Facebook group to ask questions.

If you purchase everything, it is quite expensive. Regardless, I’m following every one of her recommendations. I feel they make sense, and are worth investing in.

You can register to buy supplements from Dr. Clayton’s dispensary here. However because of the Coronavirus, I’ve noticed that a lot of items she’s recommended are back ordered at this time. I’ve purchased a number of items on Amazon.

If you do purchase the items on her list, you’ll be buying tocotrienols, which she considers to be one of the more important supplements. Be sure to get the “delta” version rather that the “gamma”. Delta works much better, according to Dr. Clayton. Also her recommended brand was out of stock in her dispensary, last I checked. It’s currently on Amazon, and I’ll share a link below. I checked with her for alternatives, and she approved the three below that:

She has also recommended buying Spirulina. This is on the top of her list of the most important supplements.  Dr. Clayton recommends any brand that has Hawaiian spirulina if you can find it. That’s because it tends to have less toxins. Dr. Clayton shared that if you can’t find Hawaiian, use what you can find. It’s important enough to take it regardless.

I’d suggest you join and explore Dr. Clayton’s Facebook group. She has a number of articles and videos that explain her program in detail. If you can’t afford to buy all the supplements, she goes over which ones are the most important. She also discusses diet with important recommendations that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

China is running studies on Vitamin C for COVID-19.

High dose vitamin C has been used effectively for some time against viruses and infection. China is currently running studies with IV vitamin C for the COVID-19. I believe they are experiencing good results with this. You can read about these studies here. 

The problem with high dose vitamin C IV’s is that most people won’t be able to get them. Dr. Andrew W. Saul, editor of the site, has written an article on how to self-treat with high dose vitamin C at home.

That said, here’s what Dr. Clayton says about oral vitamin C “I don’t think you can ever get oral doses go up high enough to kill coronoavirus with Vit C… Its the high dose IV that causes the oxidative burst to kill pathogen, but if they don’t have access to IV vitamin C, they still need high oral doses of at least 1 gram every 4 hours.” She added the following: “Oral absorption goes down as the body becomes saturated. Also the half-life decreases down to just 30 minutes, so even if you do manage to get Vit C doses absorbed from the gut, your body will quickly eliminate it, so you have to do hourly dosing to keep up the blood levels.”

High dose vitamin C is something we also plan to do, should it be needed. We’ll also be taking it daily as a preventative. If someone I cared about was hospitalized with COVID-19, personally I’d request (and even fight for) high dose vitamin C IV’s. It’s not a proven thing yet, but I have seen reports of excellent results with other viruses, and I’ve experienced it myself.

Doris Loh has a different opinion on Vitamin C and recommends melatonin with it.

Doris is highly knowledgeable about the science behind the use of vitamin C and highly recommends the use of melatonin. You can read some of her work on her Facebook page, and she has a Facebook group where you can ask questions.

Dr. Brownstein makes natural recommendations

Dr. Brownstein is a proponent of using iodine to reverse many diseases. We’ve been following him for years and have seen some success with his strategies. He’s recommending some basics like using vitamin A and D, along with information on how to use iodine. He also recommended nebulizing with a combination of sterile saline, hydrogen peroxide and lugol’s iodine. We keep Lugol’s iodine in the house and may opt to use this technique if needed.

Dr. Brownstein was getting excellent results with patients that had Covid. He was putting his recommendations out on his website but was forced to take it down. If you do a search on his name with COVID, you’ll find that others on various websites have posted his recommendations.

Dr. Klinghardt has natural & Drug recommendations

Dr. Klinghardt practices medicine here in the US and in Switzerland. He’s a very respected integrative physician who I have been following for many years. He discusses some potential drug therapies along with natural therapies. We decided to keep a herb he’s discusses called Andrographis on hand, in addition to the other things we’d do. His video below is long but worth viewing.

Dr. Marco Ruggiero shares potential strategies for COVID-19

Dr. Marco Ruggiero discusses various possible drug and natural therapies, including chondroitin sulfate, which is in a lot of joint restoration formulas. If I’m understanding him correctly, he seemed to feel that it might stop replication of the virus. To hear his views, including why chondroitin might work, check out his podcast on this page here.

Other strategies

There are some other things that we’ve seen that are a little on the controversial side. For example we’ve used something called MMS many times successfully against colds and infections, however it’s highly controversial. There’s also medical ozone use which I’ve also used extensively. These things must be used carefully and with knowledge. Personally I’ve found them to be powerful, effective, and with far fewer side effects than most drugs. But remember, I’m not a doctor! And I don’t know if they’d help with this particular virus.

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