Breaking News: Disney’s New International Festival of the Arts at Epcot


By Catherine Lauer

Have you found it difficult to come down from the high of the Epcot Food & Wine Festival that is eating and drinking your way around the world? Have you wished your trip dates could include one of Disney’s famous festivals? Fear not! Disney has added a new festival at Epcot, and it will feature plenty of art, music, and happily, good food!

Epcot is launching the International Festival of the Arts, set to run Friday through Monday, weekly from January 13 – February 20, 2017.

Illustrations at the Epcot International Festival of the Arts

During the six weekends, the new festival will feature illustrations from such Disney greats as:

  • Mary Blaire, who worked on such films as Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Cinderella.
  • Herb Ryman, who worked on both Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella’s castles.
  • Joe Kaminski, widely known for his painting 1928-It All Started With A Mouse.
  • Costa Alavezos, a Senior Character Artist.

This festival will also allow you to watch illustrations being created right in front of your eyes by Disney artists!

Disney Broadway performances 

Also included in the International Festival of the Arts will be performances by actual Broadway cast members! There has been no specifics released, but Disney Broadway hits such as Aladdin and The Lion King have been mentioned. The shows will play at the American Gardens Theater stage, across from the American Pavilion in the World Showcase. Check back here for schedules. We’ll add them when they’re made public.

Food, food and more food at the new Epcot festival!

Lastly, there will be Food Studios featuring dishes created by Disney chefs. Disney is saying that the dishes will be plated so beautifully, they will look like works of art! You may not want to eat it, but you’ll give in eventually – you always do. The food should be so well made and look so lovely that not even Gordon Ramsay would find fault with it (I’m guessing, anyway).

The International Festival of the Arts is included with your regular park admission and includes a bit of a twist. Disney will rotate the art out for new pieces each week of the festival, making each weekend different. Enjoy!

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