Special Event: Gay Days

Every year a private organization (Gay Days, Inc.) holds a special event called Gay Days. Though this event is not produced or sanctioned by Disney, we wanted to include the event here because it happens in part, at Disney.

The event usually takes place every year around the first week of June, and lasts for about a week. The Gay Days organization schedules time in the Disney parks – usually daily.

According to the Gay Days website, somewhere in the neighborhood of 150,000 people come to Orlando for this event. The schedule includes a different Disney park each day, as well as some of the other Orlando parks. They also hold a variety of activities including pool parties at several participating Orlando resorts, and dance parties in venues around Orlando.

There are a variety of other activities as well. For example in past years they’ve included a visit to Downtown Disney for the La Neuba show followed by Happy Hour at Planet Hollywood.

For more information about this event you can visit their website here: www.gaydays.com 


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