June 2016 Disney World Crowds & Weather Calendar

Should you schedule your Disney World Trip for June?

First check out the calendar to see what it’s like in June. Then see our recommendations below.

Click on the calendar to enlarge it:

June 2016 crowd and weather calendar for Disney WorldOTHER NOTES FOR JUNE:

  • Hurricane Season Begins in June.
  • Average Rainfall for June: 7.6 inches (June has the highest average. Lowest is November at 2.2 inches)
  • It Feels hot and humid this month.
  • Summer Concerts at Epcot start June 5th.


June is not one of our Optimal times to go to Disney World. Here’s why:

  • It’s hot, hot, hot. It’s humid, and it rains a pretty much daily. See the Weather at Disney World & Picking Travel Dates page for details on what it’s like.
  • It’s crowded, and crowds change the quality of your trip. The waits for rides can be long. The walkways in the parks are more crowded. The resorts and parks are crowded. Lines for quick service food are longer. You’ll spend a lot more time waiting.

That being said, you can still have fun at Disney but you’ll need to adjust your expectations and plan extremely well. Consult a site like touringplans.com for daily touring plans of the parks to cut down on your wait times. Make strategic use of FastPass+. Recognize that it will probably rain every day at least for a few minutes in the afternoon, and plan accordingly.

Other things to consider: 

Hurricane Season starts in June. June and November tend to be the least active, but a hurricane is possible. See the Weather at Disney World & Picking Travel Dates page for more details.

A special event called Gay Days is held in the Orlando area, and the organization usually includes a different Disney park in it’s itinerary every day. We’re read that approximately 150,000 people come down for the event. You can read more about Gay Days here. This year it starts on May 31st, though they don’t appear to have the Disney parks scheduled until the next day.

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