July 2016 Disney World Crowds & Weather Calendar

Should you schedule your Disney World Trip for July?

First check out the calendar below to see what crowds and weather might be like in September. Then see our recommendations below.

Please read this first: Remember that our crowd projections charts are “guesstimates”. Many times in the past I consulted other well-known crowd projection charts, and would get to the parks only to find that reality was completely different from the estimates. Regardless, the general trends I saw on the charts effectively helped me choose the best travel dates for me. So please refer to our estimates only as a general planning guide. Know that accuracy is not a guarantee, and everything below is subject to change.

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 Weather Details for July at Disney World:

  • Average Rainfall for July: 7.3 inches with daily thunder storms.
  • Average high temperature is 92. Average low is 74.
  • July is within Hurricane Season.

Special Events during the month of July at Disney World:

The Sounds Like Summer Concert Series at Epcot runs from June 5th to July 23rd. It features tribute bands. Check out the Sounds Like Summer schedule here.

Fourth of July – Expect wall to wall people on this holiday, and just before and after. We recommend avoiding the parks altogether during this time period. If you go, you’ll need to adjust your expectations. We’ve heard many people say that they’ll never do this again. However as with all things Disney, there are those who feel opposite and love going to Disney on the busy holidays.

July is one of our LEAST SUGGESTED times to go to Disney World. Here’s why:

  • It’s brutally hot, hot, hot and it’s also extremely humid. It’s very uncomfortable, and may even be a concern for those with some health conditions. It rains almost daily. Storms are usually temporary, happening in the afternoon for an hour or two, but they can last all day. See the Weather at Disney World & Picking Travel Dates page for details on what it’s like.
  • It’s very crowded for the entire month, and crowds change the quality of your trip. The waits for rides can be very long. The walkways in the parks are more crowded. The resorts and parks are crowded. Lines for quick service food are longer. You’ll spend a lot more time waiting.
  • Some costs will be higher. Ticket pricing tends to be higher during higher crowd periods. The resort prices rise, especially for the value and moderate resorts. You can check out the changes in resort prices here on mousesavers.com.
  • Big groups of South American teenagers descend on the parks and resorts during their summer break. Because they’re sticking together as a group, it can make things more challenging for everyone else. Try getting through a group of these kids to get to your next destination, or try getting behind them in line for a ride, and you’ll understand. Also they can be loud, singing, chanting and just generally being boisterous.

That being said, you can still have fun at Disney but you’ll need to adjust your expectations and plan extremely well. Consult a site like touringplans.com for daily touring plans of the parks to cut down on your wait times. Make strategic use of FastPass+. Recognize that it will probably rain every day at least for a few minutes in the afternoon, and plan accordingly.

Health considerations when visiting Disney World in July:

Those who have sensitivity to heat, humidity or light should avoid Disney World in July. We’ve found that the heat can be extremely intense this time of year, even for those without health issues.  Heat stroke is possible for anyone, so care must be taken. The combination of heat and humidity can make everything feel much more intense.

Keep in mind that when you’re walking the paths in the parks, most are uncovered. Also some attraction queues are uncovered. Not only will you be dealing with the sun beating down on you, you’ll experience the heat that’s reflecting back up from the ground. The intense heat lasts late into the day. If this is a problem for you physically, I’d suggest scheduling your trip in the cooler months.

Since mold grows in moisture, those who have mold sensitivity may want to avoid Orlando in July because it’s so wet. It’s not that you’ll see the mold, but there may be more spores in the air in the wetter months. If you’re sensitive to mold, choose a month with low rain averages like November, December, January, and February.

If you’re riding a mobility scooter or wheelchair, consider that it can be more difficult in the rain. Keeping your wheelchair dry can be a challenge, and the electronics of an ECV need to stay dry. Steering an ECV while holding an umbrella can be difficult. If you choose to use a rain coat instead of an umbrella, your feet will most likely get wet, and your face can get pelted with rain. It’s kind of miserable according to my wife! If you have the option, though there’s no guarantee, I’d recommend visiting Disney in a dryer season.


Recommended websites and references:

touringplans.com – detailed day by day crowd calendars (paid service) with various park touring plans.

easywdw.com – Free detailed crowd calendars with best and worst parks each day, and other details and recommendations.

wdwprepschool.com – Excellent planning site with some great information.

www.disneyworld.com – Disney’s official website.

Mousesavers.com – Great information on how to save money at Disney World, including resort pricing calendars.

www.accuweather.com – Weather averages for each month and each day of the month.

Weather.com – Good site for weather averages and you can get a 10 day projected forecast.

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