Disney World Kiosks, Food Carts and Food Trucks – Ordering with Special Dietary Needs

Throughout the Disney parks and Disney Springs you’ll find various kiosks and food carts. In Disney Springs you’ll also find food trucks. Although there’s tremendous support around Disney World, those with special dietary needs won’t be able to get much support from cast members at most kiosks, food trucks or food carts.

The Cast Members who serve will not usually be able to change much if anything for those with special dietary needs. Keep in mind that they’re not likely to have any allergy training, they don’t have gloves or separate cooking surfaces for those with allergies, and they’re usually unable to handle special requests.

What can they do for you?

The one thing that you should be able to do is to request an ingredients book. Also you may be able to get something left off your dish, or you may be able to choose a substitute item. For example they may give you fruit instead of chips.

We recommend that you read the kiosk and food cart section of this article on cross-contamination.

The Cast Members will be touching whatever is in their kiosk or food cart, so cross-contamination can happen in these small spaces.

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