Can You Bring Your Own Food to a Disney World Park or Restaurant?

Yes, you can bring your own food into the Disney World parks and restaurants! There are a few rules though:

  1. You can not bring glass containers into the parks (except baby food).
  2. You can not bring alcoholic beverages into the parks.
  3. You can bring coolers or backpacks but they can’t be larger than 24″ long x 15″ wide x 18″ high (61cm x 38cm x 132cm)
  4. Restaurants can not heat up your food or cook with your ingredients.
  5. You can not bring loose ice or dry ice into the parks. Re-usable ice packs are allowed, and you can get complimentary cups of ice at food and beverage locations inside the parks. We are hearing that loose ice in a cooler is allowed in the parks, but you must have it in a bag to get through security.

Remember that none of the restaurants are able to heat your food, use it in preparing your meals, or even to store it. This is a state law.

Guests are permitted to bring their own snacks to keep in their resort rooms and bring into the Disney parks. Bringing your own snacks is a great idea for those with special dietary needs. Even when flying we bring our own snacks in our suitcases, and we may ship some to our hotel. We’ll sometimes use grocery delivery services to have food delivered to our room.

Some people may prefer or need to bring their own food to the Disney restaurants.

Full-service restaurants: If a person in your party will be bringing their own food because of special dietary needs, it should not be a problem as long as someone else in your party is ordering from the restaurant. If you’re entire party is bringing their own food, it will not be permitted in full-service restaurants.

Counter service restaurants: If one person is bringing their own food for special dietary reasons, it should be allowed in all counter service restaurants if others are ordering from the menu. If you all plan to bring your own food to a counter service restaurant, some will allow it and some will not.

To see if it’s not allowed, you’ll want to look for a sign at the restaurant entrance that prohibits this. For example Satu’li Canteen has one by the front door that says “Tables reserved for guests with Satu’li Canteen food only”.

Food Courts: If your entire party is bringing in food, you’ll be able to eat in any Disney food court.

The Disney resort food courts usually have a microwave available to guests. If you need a microwave in your Disney hotel room, you can request this and they’ll usually be able to provide one.

You can bring water into the Disney World parks

You can bring your own bottled water (not in glass containers) into the parks. Rather than carrying multiple bottles all day, we usually bring one bottle each. The Disney quick service locations will give you free cups of filtered water, which you can use to refill your bottles. There are some restaurants that have refillable soda fountains for the guests to use, and there’s always water available on these. You can fill your bottles directly yourself with these fountains.

We often hear that most of the free filtered water you’ll get at the quick service and fountain locations doesn’t really taste that great. We agree with that. The Starbucks locations seem to have better tasting water.

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