Disney Dude Podcast #1: Why Disney, Why Now?


Hey Disney friends, This is Stephen Ashley. We’re really happy to bring to you some awesome podcasts by our friend Nicholas Groome, AKA The Disney Dude.

Here’s Nicholas:

Welcome everyone to Episode 1 of The Disney Dude. I am your host The Disney Dude Himself, Nick Groome. Today is a very special Episode. It is the start of a journey that has been years in the making. I am finally able to share with the world, my thoughts and ideas regarding one of, if not my most favorite things, Disney.

Now Disney means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Today my guest and I will give you just a small window into why we have decided to pursue Disney in the ways we each have.

Today I am joined by Michael Kay, an avid Disney fan who brings his blogs, live streams and photos to facebook to help people enjoy the parks when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

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I'm Stephen Ashley. My wife and I are huge fans of Disney World. I'm the author of Walt Disney World With Disabilities. I also wrote a book called Walt Disney World Made Easy for Everyone, but rather than have it published, at this point we've decided to place all the material from the manuscript on this website so everyone can have access to it! I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it makes your day just a little bit brighter and easier.

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