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Now Here’s your Free Gift: Disney World Calendar, Planning Info & Form

Below you’ll find a free download form to use for your Disney World trip planning. First, here’s some info that can help you plan a great trip.

When you’re planning your trip to Disney World, you’ll want to create a calendar for yourself to keep track of things. Personally, on our calendar we create for each trip, we keep track of:

  • The Park(s) we plan to visit each day
  • Park hours – For the park we plan to visit, as well as the other parks in case we park hop or change plans.
  • Extra Magic Hours
  • Dining reservations – Or we may write in the counter service restaurants we plan to try.
  • Fastpass+ reservations
  • Show times – Especially for the nighttime fireworks shows
  • Crowd projection information – We usually use the crowd projection information from touringplans.com (it gives you info for each park on each day) to help us plan. This is a paid service but it’s inexpensive and we always use it.
  • And anything else we have in our plans.

Over the years we’ve created a simple calendar that we re-use on each trip. To give you an idea of how to use it yourself, I’ll show you one from a recent trip. Then I’ll give you a blank form as a word document to download, so you use it for your own planning.

Please keep in mind that we tend to stay at our resort pool all day, and visit the parks in the afternoon/evening. Your schedule will be customized for your ideal schedule. For example, many people like to get to the parks first thing in the morning, and some people like to skip the park on some days. Here’s my personal calendar:

The following is the form we use. I’m giving it to you in word format so that you can change it as you see fit, and you can fill it in on your computer. Just click on the following to receive your download:

Click here to get your Blank daily schedule worksheet for Disney World trip

There are other ways you can do this, and there’s no right or wrong! This should give you a starting point.

Do you have a different way of forming your Disney World trip calendar?

Tell us all about it below.

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