Minimizing Effects of Noise and crowds in the Disney Value Resorts


Are you considering staying at a Disney World value resort? That can be a great decision. We get plenty of feedback from our readers saying they loved the experience. Many of them go back over and over. And why not! You get a full Disney experience with all the perks, at their most affordable rates. The value resorts include:

It’s important to realize that value resorts at Disney World can be noisy.

The value resorts are highly favored by families with young children, and perhaps more importantly, by teenage tour groups from around the world. This can include kids from sports teams, dance competitions and cheerleader groups, as well as those on school trips.

Have you ever been on a class trip? If so, then you know first-hand that kids can get really carried away. Although they’ll be chaperoned, guests frequently report that the teens are not “reigned in”. This means that the noise and activity level can often be significantly higher at the value resorts than at other type of resort.

However that said, it can be hit or miss. We hear reports from people who had no noise problem at all.

Also one of our Facebook group members pointed out to us that the noise level of your home might make a difference. For example, if you live in the city, you may be good at blocking out sounds. If you live in the country, you may experience any noise as really irritating.

Groups of kids sometimes take over!

We do often hear about groups of kids “taking over” some area of their value resort like the pools, food courts, etc. For example, one guest commented:

“My 5 year old son and I were in the pool when it was invaded by a group of teenage boys. I had guys cannon balling and jumping over us, even though we were in the shallow end. They were throwing a football around very close to us. I felt it was not safe. At the very least it wasn’t fun any more. They were loud and rowdy, and we finally just gave up and left. The staff didn’t seem to want to do anything about it” 

In addition to the parties these kids will often have, you may have dance teams or cheerleaders rehearsing outside the rooms at early or late hours. They can also get on the resort’s Disney buses all at once, which can pose challenges.

Also consider that sound proofing between rooms is not particularly good in the value resorts.

Here are some tips for minimizing the noise factor while at a value resort:

  • Request a location away from groups. When you make your resort reservation you can request that you be put as far from any of these teen or school groups as possible. They will do there best but there’s no guarantee.
  • Request a room that does not face the main pool, or even a quiet pool. Request a room facing the water (if there is some), or the woods at any of the resorts. Even the parking lot views tend to be less noisy. Again, there’s no guarantee.
  • Request a top floor room. It will reduce foot traffic going by your door. Also groups sometimes tend to congregate around the first floor rooms in these resorts, so you may be able to avoid some the congregating groups by being on the top floor.
  • Plan to counter noise. As mentioned above, sound proofing between rooms is not particularly good in the value resorts. It may be worse in the connecting rooms. Bring a white noise machine or fan along if you know you’re sensitive to this. There are a variety of ear plugs you can get at any pharmacy.
  • Close the bathroom door. The toilets and showers are noisy, and you can hear the noise from rooms above or below in the bathroom. It can help to close the bathroom door when you go to bed.

One more tip from one of our Facebook group members, Nana Lou:

“To minimize the crowds and noise they may bring, plan to go during slower periods. Avoid major holidays, school breaks, 3 day holiday weekends. Spring break, Easter week, 4th of July week, Jersey week (early Nov), Thanksgiving week and Christmas week are the busiest and most expensive times to visit. July is the busiest month of the year to visit as it’s the only month that every school in the US has summer vacation. That still leaves plenty of other times to visit.”

And another tip from Christopher Burt: 

“We brought a fan with us. It creates a lot of white noise. My wife thought I was crazy for bringing it, until we turned it off one morning and all of a sudden we could hear the kids in the room next to us. Then she said it was the best idea ever.”

This same thing with the groups of kids can happen at the moderate or deluxe resorts, but it’s much less likely. In all our trips over the years, we’ve only seen one group of cheerleaders at a moderate resort, one time.

Do you have more tips or thoughts on this topic?

Please feel free to post them in a comment below. We’d love your input.

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