How to Choose Where to Stay When Visiting Disney World

Now that you’ve decided to go to Disney World, where should you stay? We’ll help you decide! Here are the steps to take:

1. If you’re still deciding on whether to stay in a Disney resort or not:

For most people, if it’s at all possible, I recommend staying in a Disney World resort. However there are some people who should consider other alternatives. If if you’re just not sure you want to stay in a Disney World resort, or even if you feel you can’t afford to stay in a Disney resort, read this article:

ARTICLE: Should I Stay in a Disney Resort? 

2. Here’s How to Pick Your Disney World resort:

There are so many Disney resorts that it can be challenging to pick one. We’ve got you covered! Read the following article:

ARTICLE: Which Disney Resort Should I Pick? How to Choose the Right Disney Resort for you!

3. Addressing additional concerns:

There are a couple other articles that can be helpful to some of you. If either of the following applies to you, read the following articles:

ARTICLE: Disney World Rooms that Sleep 5 or More People
ARTICLE: Should I stay in a Disney Resort Undergoing Construction or Renovation? 
ARTICLE: I Have Mobility Challenges – Which Disney Resort Should I Pick? 


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