Visiting Disney World Restaurants with a Wheelchair or ECV

How do you handle your ECV or wheelchair when you’re dining at a Disney restaurant?

First, rest assured that all restaurants at Disney World are all accessible, though some are easier and some are more difficult. Either way you can expect to have support and help, and you should be able to dine anywhere on property.

Here’s what you need to know.

If your’e unable to transfer from your wheelchair or ECV onto a regular seat:

When you make your reservation, you’ll be able to let them know that you need accessible seating.

When you arrive at the restaurant and check in, let them know that you can’t transfer. The Cast Member will find you an appropriate seat. In some locations they’ll need to find you a seat on the perimeter because the tables and chairs are difficult to maneuver through. This might take a little extra time, but they’ll get you seated!

If you can transfer from your wheelchair or ECV to a regular seat:

When you arrive at the restaurant, a Cast Member should ask you if you can transfer. Since you can, you’ll have two options:

  • You can drive to your seat, transfer and allow the Cast Member to take your wheelchair or ECV to an appropriate parking spot. This will usually be outside the restaurant, but occasionally it will be in the lobby of the restaurant.
  • You can park your own wheelchair or ECV and walk to your seat.

The advantage of parking yourself is that you can arrange your wheelchair or ECV in a way you feel comfortable with. For example if it’s raining outside you can cover it, or you can put it in the shade if it’s possible.

Rarely when we’ve requested it, we’ve been allowed to have our ECV parked near us because we had a lot of medical supplies on it, and it was so much easier to have the chair nearby rather than having to take everything with us. But this is not always possible.


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Have you found it easy or difficult to handle your ECV or wheelchair at Disney restaurants? Post your comments below!

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