Scooter/Wheelchair Rentals – Why we Recommend Buena Vista Rentals

… And why we chose them to sponsor us!

We like this company for many reasons! Here’s a brief overview of why, and below we’ll explain. DON’T FORGET TO REQUEST YOUR FREE ACCESSORY for our readers when you rent. See below for details.

  1. FREE DELIVERY to resorts and hotels.
  2. Newest equipment.
  3. Clean equipment and well maintained.
  4. Great reputation and customer reviews.
  5. Quick service, even in the parks.
  6. Great selection of wheelchairs/scooters and accessories.
  7. Convenience. They’ll meet you to drop off and pick up your scooter at your Disney resort. At most non-Disney resorts including Swan and Dolphin, they can do this without you being there.
  8. More options such delivery of water or Gatorade with your delivery.
  9. Reliable! They’ve been in business over 24 years. They’re trustworthy!
  10. Largest scooter fleet & largest number of delivery vehicles in Orlando.
  11. They’re a Universal Preferred Vendor. 
  12. Their scooters run at normal speeds, while Disney’s scooters (and Scooterbug) are set to run frustratingly slowly.
  13. Great pricing. They’re way less expensive than renting from Disney directly. (They’re less than Scooterbug as well.)
  14. Galactic Scooters. They have some Star Wars themed scooters.

Every year hundreds of thousands of people with mobility issues visit Disney World. Many of them need wheelchairs or scooters. If you’re one of them, you’ve probably found our very extensive and popular mobility/wheelchair/scooter article series designed to help you have a great time at Disney.

When we decided to seek a sponsor, our first choice was Buena Vista Rentals (BVR for short), and we were super excited that they accepted. Here’s more about why they were our first pick:

We checked Buena Vista out.

Before reaching out to BVR, and we found that they had an excellent reputation and consistently great reviews. When we asked Buena Vista Rentals representative Matt Haggadone what makes them different, he told us that reliability is the key thing:

Matthew stroller rental “We change out our equipment about every two years. We have 5 new trucks on the road delivering equipment. We can assist customers within an hour or less after calling us. We have a great relationship with the area hotels and resorts. For most resorts, we can have your equipment there at the resort waiting for you when you arrive.

All our equipment is safe and clean. We take the time to thoroughly check all our equipment before renting them out… No overbooking so you’re guaranteed your equipment.

We strive to meet and exceed all guest needs so they will continue to come back to us year after year. The customer comes first, we know they are here to enjoy the theme parks and we wish to help them have a great experience while they are here in Central Florida.”

—Matt Haggadone, Buena Vista Rentals

Disney World scooters from BVRPersonally, I’d say that all of the above means a lot. We’ve had poor experiences with a different vendors in the past with equipment that was very worn out, and a scooter that died on us. Having newer, well-maintained equipment is a big deal, and knowing that you’ll be helped quickly if you need it is also a big deal, especially when time is so precious when you’re on your Disney/Orlando vacation.

Buena Vista Rentals has some very cool extra services!

water delivery to disney world hotel

They have helpful services and options that other Disney Featured Providers don’t offer. For example they’ll deliver cases of water or sports drinks with your scooter. They offer strollers, bicycles, oxygen, as well as helpful scooter accessories.

For example they have:

  • A sun shade which blocks out the sun and allows riders to be covered.
  • A cane/crutch holder that fits on the back of the scooter and is a great place to store your cane or crutches while you ride around.
  • An oxygen tank holder to store your oxygen tanks while you ride around.
  • Rear baskets which are great for extra storage.
  • The cup holders, which make it easy to put down your drink and ride around.

They also rent strollers, which is super convenient if you need both a wheelchair/ECV and a stroller. 

Right now they are also including with each rental:

  1. Free PPE kit (masks, etc)
  2. Free mister fan
  3. Free Accessory for our readers (Use code “Dizabled”). See below for details.

They have the “Galactic Series” of scooters.

Want to add some fun while you’re riding around? There are some cool and fun scooters designed to look like Star Wars characters.

Galactic scooters from BVR

Beuna Vista Rentals has convenient locations. 

If you should need to go Buena Vista Rentals for any reason, they have a convenient rental location on Disney property at the front of the BoardWalk Inn, and they also have other locations around Orlando. Buena Vista Rentals is a Preferred Vendor for the Swan and Dolphin resorts, and the Leows Universal Hotels.

Buena Vista Rentals logo Disney World Scooter VendorNEED TO RENT A SCOOTER or WHEELCHAIR? We recommend Buena Vista Rentals!

Our readers get a FREE ACCESSORY with rental.


Click here to see the free offer on their website. 

Or Call: (866) 484-4797 (mention the offer)

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