Leaving your ECV or Wheelchair Unattended at Disney World

Unless you’re unable to transfer, there will times when you’ll have to leave your wheelchair or ECV unattended at Disney World. For example when you transfer (or walk) to a ride car or a restaurant seat.

What do you do? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

1. Always be sure to take your ECV key with you. Yes, you’re at Disney, and most people would never steal. But… out of the thousands of people in the park that day, there’s bound to be one or two who are less than trustworthy. Also, if a Cast Member needs to move your ECV, they don’t need a key to do it.

2. When you leave your ECV or wheelchair for any reason, don’t leave anything of value in it. You may wish to purchase an ECV or wheelchair backpack with a removable bag to bring with you on your visit. We like one that we use made by Case Logic. It fits right onto the back of your ECV or wheelchair, allows you to store your belongings, and it has a removable bag that’s easy to take with you whenever you leave your wheelchair. At theme parks this makes life MUCH easier, and keeps your belongings more secure.

Here’s what Contributor Sue Michelson does:

“We just use a regular backpack. On one of our most recent trips, we used the Think King Mighty Buggy Hook for Stroller, Wheelchair, Rollator, Walker… They held quite securely, and allowed us to lift our daughter’s backpack off her wheelchair quickly and easily and kept the backpack hooks from hitting her in the shoulder.”

3. Put something on your ECV or Wheelchair that will help you know it’s yours. There can be many look-alikes. To avoid confusion, leave something that doesn’t have value, such as a ribbon or a piece of paper with your name on it.


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