Ordering at Disney Buffet Restaurants with Special Dietary Needs

If you haven’t already, visit our starting page for this subject. You’ll find all the basic information common to all types of Disney World restaurants there. The article is called: Ordering your meals at Disney World with Special Dietary Needs.

Disney World buffets are unlike any buffet restaurants we’ve ever experienced.

This is because of the incredible lengths they’ll go to for those with special dietary needs. They’ll usually be willing to prepare special dishes for you based on your requirements. Here’s one example of an experience that we’ve found to be typical of the Disney restaurants:

“I called the Cape May buffet before our visit and spoke with a chef. When we arrived at the restaurant, he came out, gave me a tour of the buffet, discussing every food and its ingredients, and my specific needs. He helped me decide what I could eat on the buffet and what I couldn’t. He came up with several dishes that fit my diet, and cooked them for me. I was just floored! I couldn’t believe what he did for me! It was a delicious meal and I couldn’t have asked for anything more! He was enthusiastic and pleasant, which made the experience very positive.”

What do you need to know about dining at a Disney World buffet with special dietary needs?

When you walk into a quick table service restaurant, you’ll want to do the following:
  1. Remind the Cast Member at check-in about your special dietary needs.
  2. Remind your server about your special dietary needs.
  3. Request to speak with a manager or chef.
The chef or manager will come to your table and do the following:
  • He/she will discuss your special dietary needs
  • He/she will most likely take you on a tour of the buffet to discuss your options
  • If needed, he/she will cook you your meal in the back.

This is the amazing thing about Disney buffet restaurant procedures. If needed, the chef will cook you anything you’d like, and as much as you’d like, as long as he/she has the ingredients to do it.

If you don’t have an allergy or intolerance, you may be able to take your food from the buffet after talking with the chef to see which foods might meet your needs. If you have a special dietary need that can’t be handled by having you eat off the buffet, the chef will cook for you.

If you have an allergy or intolerance, read our article on cross-contamination here, which includes a section on Disney buffets. You’ll want to ask the chef to make your food for you in the back using cross-contamination avoidance techniques. Don’t take the risk of eating off of the buffet!

In the Disney buffet restaurants, you’ll always find a chef who is trained in handling special dietary needs.

They should know about the procedures for handling special dietary needs, and about the products and ingredients they cook with.

To read about the training that the Disney chefs and non-Disney chefs on Disney property receive for allergy food preparation techniques and other special dietary needs, check out this article called Is Disney World Manageable for people with Special Dietary Needs?

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